House Hold

A Memoir of Place


Christopher Bakken on House Hold

“House Hold sketches the progress of one woman’s life according to the blueprint of those spaces—architectural and familial and literary—she has inhabited. Here is an autobiography told through buildings and books, then, and the characters that inhabit both are vividly rendered and entirely memorable.”

— Christopher Bakken, author of Honey, Olives, Octopus


Willard Spiegelman on House Hold

“Ann Peters’s House Hold has the makings of an American classic. A perceptive and deeply affecting book about childhood and place.” — Alice Kaplan, author of French Lessons, Yale University
“The places, houses, and even the smallest rooms we inhabit also inhabit us. These places exist in our memory, and tie us to them well after we have left them. In House Hold, Ann Peters has built a literary edifice that seamlessly combines memoir, meditation, and literary analysis. From Wisconsin to the boroughs of New York City and, at last, a farmhouse in upstate New York, Peters brings alive for herself and her readers the places she has lived in and dreamed of.”

— Willard Spiegelman, author of Seven Pleasures: Essays on Ordinary Happiness


Honor Moore on House Hold

“At a moment when the American dream of home is in jeopardy, comes Ann Peters’s utterly engaging and singular memoir. Telling the stories of the houses she has inhabited, the landscapes, writers and people who have given her life meaning, she reminds us the search for home is also a quest for the soul’s refuge and that an account of the places of one’s life can be a source of revelation.”

— Honor Moore, Author of The Bishop’s Daughter